InnovEd Field Trips

Build, Learn, and Explore!

Invite your students to a world of scientific exploration and engineering with InnovEd's field trips, available at our learning center or at your school site. Each session is packed with engaging, hands-on projects that make learning fun and accessible.Designed to spark curiosity and encourage problem-solving, our field trips allow students to experience the fundamentals of science and engineering through real-world applications. Whether creating exciting experiments that fizz and pop or building basic mechanisms that move, students will gain valuable insights into how things work and why. Suitable for all ages, our field trips are more than just educational—they’re a launching pad for imagination and future scientific inquiry. Dive into a world of interactive learning at InnovEd, where students transform curiosity into creation with every exciting project.

All materials and equipment are provided by Innoved.

Every student takes their projects home upon completion.

Turning Curiosity to Discovery with Hands-on Learning with Innoved!

Learning in Action

InnovEd’s Field Trip Experience

What Our Education Partners Say About Us

“InnovEd staff are highly trained industry experts that help play a critical role in providing our students with opportunities for hands-on learning in Visual Arts, Engineering, Science, Robotics, and so much more! ”

Isaac Jaura

“Hanford Elementary School District sends students for study trips each school year. InnovEd labclassrooms continue to be a popular study trip in HESD. ”

Jill Rubalcava

“My 5th grade students absolutely loved this field trip! It connected to their science standards perfectly! I love that they were able to make and take their projects home to show their families! ”

Joni Garner