Dr. Ellie Honardoost

Dr. Ellie Honardoost is a science educator and social entrepreneur who is passionate about STEAM education. She started her career as a biochemist and transitioned to teaching over 24 years ago, where she quickly recognized the importance of student engagement in teaching and learning. She has invested a significant portion of her career in mastering strategies that enhance the student experience. These strategies include project-based learning and designing cross-curricular modules that artfully blend literacy, math, social studies, and science. She is certain this method not only deepens engagement but also connects subjects, cultivating a vibrant, integrated classroom. In 2016, she utilized her extensive knowledge and experience to establish InnovEd, focused on expanding student access to immersive, high-quality learning. Her passion to enhance students’ educational experiences will continue to fuel her drive to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and innovators of our society.

Nancy Her

Nancy Her, the Chief Operating Officer at InnovEd, has been instrumental from the start, shaping the organization with her Bachelor's in Accounting and strategic insight. Beyond her executive role, Nancy discovered a passion for teaching engineering, actively enhancing her skills to engage and inspire students. This dual expertise in both management and education positions her uniquely, driving InnovEd's mission to foster innovative learning and develop future leaders. Additionally, Nancy's vision for a collaborative educational environment has led to partnerships that extend InnovEd's reach. Her influence ensures that InnovEd remains at the forefront of educational innovation, making quality learning accessible to all.

Lizzie Vinson

Lizzie Vinson, InnovEd's Multimedia Curriculum Development Manager, started as a teacher's assistant at InnovEd. Over the years she has showcased her talent in designing and executing engaging learning experiences. With a Bachelor's in Communications, Lizzie's passion for learning and her unique fusion of artistic flair and scientific curiosity significantly enhance her role. With a background as diverse as being an artist and opera singer who loves science and engineering, she enriches the educational content she develops. Central to InnovEd's journey in offering a video-based curriculum, Lizzie has been instrumental in making hands-on learning flexible and accessible to all. Her diverse talents and unwavering commitment have been pivotal to InnovEd's mission of transforming the educational landscape.

Dylan Palafox

Dylan Palafox, an Engineering Instructor at InnovEd, has been an integral part of the organization since its inception. His journey with InnovEd has seen him develop from those early days, beginning as a teacher’s assistant at InnovEd, into a pivotal role today where he leads instruction in engineering and computer programming. Each project he completes with his students is meant to be a lasting reminder of their own potential, creativity, and the belief in their ability to build and innovate. Currently a college student pursuing a biology degree, Dylan combines his love for science with a natural flair for education, inspiring his students to explore and engage with technology and engineering with confidence.

Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan, InnovEd's Art Instructor, brings a wealth of experience and boundless creativity to her classroom. Armed with a BA and Master's in Fine Art, alongside a single subject teaching credential in art, Amy's passion for art education is evident. Her enthusiasm for experimenting with diverse materials and mediums, especially in the realm of 3D art, energizes her students. Amy excels in engaging students with thought-provoking projects, empowering them to create their own masterpieces. Her highly energetic approach and unmatched creativity make each lesson an adventure. Beyond the classroom, Amy's artistry is recognized in galleries, showcasing her talent and commitment to art. At InnovEd, she’s dedicated to sharing this passion, inspiring students to explore their artistic potential and express their unique visions.

Adriana Gomez

Adriana Gomez, a Science Instructor at InnovEd, brings a rich educational background with a Bachelor's degree in Recreation Administration and a Master's in Education. Her fluency in Spanish and deep cultural awareness enrich her science teachings, providing a diverse and inclusive perspective. Known for her passion, patience, and kindness, Adriana meticulously crafts lessons that are both informative and engaging. She is particularly thoughtful in designing her curriculum, ensuring it resonates with students from various backgrounds. Adriana’s ability to articulate complex concepts in accessible ways, coupled with her heart for teaching, makes her an invaluable asset to the InnovEd team. Her dedication to fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment inspires her students to explore the wonders of science with curiosity and confidence.

Sarah White

Sarah White, a Science Instructor at InnovEd, energizes her classroom with a blend of enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods. With a degree in Liberal Studies and a multi-subject teaching credential, Sarah has a unique approach that sparks curiosity and a love for science among her students. She champions hands-on learning as a cornerstone of education, crafting lessons that are not only engaging but also imaginative, capturing the minds of her students. Sarah’s creativity in lesson planning ensures that each student’s learning experience is rich and captivating, making science an adventure rather than just a subject. Her belief in the transformative power of interactive learning continuously inspires her students to explore, question, and understand the world around them.