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At InnovEd, we believe that high-quality education should have no boundaries. It’s with this vision that we’ve developed our groundbreaking video-based curriculum, designed to transform any space into a vibrant learning environment. Tailored for TK-5 students, our video modules are not just lessons; they are gateways to exploration and discovery. Each of our video modules is crafted to be hands-on and aligned with state standards, ensuring educational rigor while remaining engaging and accessible. Whether in a traditional classroom setting or in an afterschool program, our lessons are built to be flexible, allowing educators to implement them anywhere, anytime. This adaptability ensures that all students have access to exceptional educational experiences, regardless of their location. We simplify the teaching process by providing all the necessary materials for each lesson, freeing teachers to focus on education rather than preparation. Our curriculum goes beyond simple video lessons by integrating additional lessons in math, language arts, and social studies. This approach ensures that students see the connections across different subjects. It reinforces their learning by demonstrating how these disciplines interact and support one another in real-world scenarios. InnovEd is dedicated to empowering and inspiring educators and students.

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“During the summer of 2023, InnovEd provided Professional Development, K-5 Science units, complete with video lessons, and boxed materials for daily implementation. Summer teachers reported feeling more confident in delivering science instruction because of the easy to follow lessons and prepared materials.”

Jill Rubalcava