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Open the doors to discovery at your school and let InnovEd lead the way to interactive and fun-filled adventures, inspiring students to unlock their creativity and curiosity. During each session, your students will have the opportunity to explore various concepts in a hands-on and engaging manner. Depending on the age of the students, activities are carefully designed to match their developmental stages and learning styles. Every learning experience is crafted to ignite curiosity and inspire a love of learning, with lessons that are not just informative but also exciting and memorable. Our experienced educators guide students through each discovery, ensuring that they understand the principles behind their activities and encouraging them to ask questions and think critically. Explore our full range of programs to discover the perfect fit for your students’ educational journey.

InnovEd brings the excitement of scientific discovery right into your elementary school classroom. Each session is a vibrant exploration where students become young scientists, diving hands-on into the world of science. Imagine your classroom transformed into a bustling laboratory where curious minds are encouraged to explore and question. As we navigate through intriguing topics like the bubbly dance of molecules in states of matter, the mysterious behaviors of water, and the secrets of life in plants and animals, students get to touch, see, and manipulate real scientific tools. They’ll measure liquids in beakers, examine specimens with magnifying glasses, and transfer solutions with pipettes, turning abstract concepts into tangible experiences.Our teaching philosophy is simple: make learning an adventure filled with discovery. We believe that when students actively participate in the learning process, their engagement soars and their understanding deepens. By providing these immersive, hands-on experiences, we not only teach science; we inspire a lifelong passion for learning and discovery.

Our engineering program empowers students to delve into the world of physics through hands-on projects, crafted to align with Next Generation Science Standards. Guided by the engineering design process, students embark on a journey of discovery. They not only grasp fundamental physics concepts but also cultivate essential critical thinking skills and unlock their creative potential in problem-solving.Through these projects, students deepen their understanding of physics and develop the confidence to tackle real-world challenges head-on. We work closely with educators to discuss and select projects that align with their students’ interests and learning needs, ensuring a customized and engaging experience for every classroom.

Our K-3 Visual Math Program brings math to life in elementary classrooms, transforming it from abstract numbers into an interactive experience. We dive into the world of visual mathematics, employing a variety of manipulatives and hands-on activities that make math both tangible and enjoyable. Students are encouraged to see, touch, and manipulate mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper understanding through exploration and experimentation. By linking math to real-world scenarios, our program not only solidifies critical thinking and analytical abilities, but also sparks an interest in math and its applications. This active learning environment ensures that math is seen not just as a subject to be learned, but as a fascinating world to be discovered.

At InnovEd, we take a unique approach to exposing young minds to Visual Arts. Under the guidance of an accomplished and well-known local artist, students use a variety of materials to create not just art but experiences. They learn to blend traditional techniques like painting and drawing with innovative 3D modeling, making their artwork pop with dynamic forms and structures. Each project integrates scientific principles, helping students understand the real-world impact of art. From optical illusions that play with perception to models that illustrate geological formations, our curriculum invites students to see beyond the canvas and engage with both the art and the science it represents. Join us for a journey of discovery, where creativity meets curiosity, and every creation is a learning opportunity.

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“Our students thoroughly enjoy their time there, and the professionalism exhibited by the staff is truly commendable. I highly recommend InnovED for anyone seeking an innovative and enriching educational experience.”

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“Awesome experience!! Fun and very detailed step by step process! I was hooked all the time during the activity!”

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